Kanye West Interview – People React to His Views on Life and Music


During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kanye West revealed his views on life, music, and his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The interview prompted many to share their opinions about the rapper and his views on life. These views, however, were also controversial, and a few people have even pointed out that the interview was not fair to Kanye.

Antisemitic conspiracy theories

During his recent interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Kanye West made some controversial comments. They included some antisemitic conspiracy theories. While Ye’s comments are similar to some popular tropes, his statements are also unique in that they are directly antisemitic.

One of the biggest antisemitic conspiracy theories involves a group of Jewish people secretly controlling the world’s finances. Another conspiracy theory claims that Planned Parenthood was founded to control the Jewish population.

Ye’s tweet also contains a reference to an old antisemitic conspiracy theory. He referred to a “Covid-19” vaccine as the “nazi salute.”

In addition to the old conspiracy theories, Ye also made some new ones. He also wore a “MAGA” hat. Ye’s tweet was removed from Twitter.

In addition to the “magic” of wearing a hat, Ye also mentioned an antisemitic conspiracy theory. He claimed that Black people are “the real 12 lost tribes of Judah.” Ye also suggested that “Jews invented the culture and cancel it out.”

The tweet also contains a reference to a “death con,” a dark reference to DEFCON, a military term for heightened readiness.

He is an extremely wealthy individual. He is worth $1.8 billion and has a huge following. He also owns the popular social media platform, Parler. His statements are being viewed by millions of people. Some have called him a racist and others have praised him. He has lost some business deals over his recent comments. However, his high profile has made these posts find new audiences.

Relationship with Kim Kardashian

Despite the long history of their relationship, it has been a turbulent time for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the year 2020. The couple has reportedly gone through some family issues and is dealing with divorce.

According to sources, the couple has been going through some marriage counseling. They have also been spending more time together and taking family vacations. However, there have been rumors that Kanye was trying to divorce Kim.

Kim and Kanye have four children together. North West was born in June 2013, and Chicago West was born in January 2018. In early 2018, they welcomed a fourth child through a surrogate. However, they have not been photographed together since October of that year.

Kanye recently shared an Instagram post of him holding hands with Kim. The pair appeared in interviews and on social media. However, Kim also commented on the post. She said Kanye has been pushing a narrative that he hasn’t seen the kids. However, Kanye has admitted to making mistakes in his relationship. He also apologized to Kim in a tweet.

According to a report from Page Six, Kanye and Kim were in marriage counseling. However, rumors are still swirling that the pair is headed for divorce. Despite these rumors, Kanye and Kim remain on good terms and are still holding hands.

Mental health

Despite a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Kanye West’s mental health has been on full display in his tweets and Instagram posts. The rapper also canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour in November. This isn’t the first time West has had to deal with mental health problems. He’s also had a breakdown and a psychiatric hospitalization.

It’s important for Kanye West to realize that mental illness does not give him the right to be abusive. In fact, he needs to get help in order to change his toxic behavior. Those closest to him should point out that he needs support to change. This is not a time to mock or belittle him.

In October, Kanye West visited President Trump at the White House. In addition to his campaign tour, West also had a series of questionable speeches. He also claimed to have suffered sleep deprivation. This prompted him to be hospitalized.

During his hospitalization, West claimed that his family sent doctors to his home in Cody, Wyoming to assess him. He also claimed that he had suffered from sleep deprivation, but he has yet to release his medical records.

According to the DSM-5-TR, bipolar disorder is not an organic disorder. The disorder is related to biochemical and environmental factors. It can lead to extreme depression, racing thoughts, and irritability. It’s also characterized by hypomanic episodes. The illness can last for several years.

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