CZ P10-F Pistol Review – The Best Handgun Around!


The CZ P10-F pistol is one of the best handguns you can buy. It’s not only comfortable to carry, but it also shoots very well and comes in a variety of optics-ready versions. In this article, I will take a look at what makes this pistol so amazing. Handguns are a type of firearm that is typically used in self-defense. They are easy to use and can be carried around with you without much trouble. There are many types of handguns, such as pistols and revolvers. A pistol is a handgun that is designed for use with one hand. It has a small caliber and is used for shooting at close range. A revolver is a handgun that was originally designed for use with two hands. It has a larger caliber and is used for shooting long distances.

Optics-Ready variant

CZ has released its new P-10 F Optics-Ready pistol. This American-built striker-fired pistol comes in 9mm. The pistol has a standard magazine capacity of 19+1 and weighs 28.4 ounces unloaded. It’s also compatible with popular reflex sights.

The CZ P-10-F Optics-Ready is a striker-fired 9mm pistol designed for duty use. The trigger is strong, has minimal creep, and is a positive reset. In addition to this, the pistol features a beefy extractor that bites down on the cartridge case. The P-10 F Optics-Ready has a straight, machined steel slide with no machine marks. It also has a beveled slide edge that reduces the risk of printing on clothing.

The optics-ready version of the P-10 features a slide with a black nitride finish. It also comes with two 19-round magazines, a factory hard case, and a lock. These pistols also come with a blank filler plate for installing optics. The pistol includes a trigger-blade safety and an internal firing pin block safety. It also has a trapezoidal magazine release button with serrated extensions. The magazine release is ambidextrous, which allows the gun to be used by left-handed shooters.

Comfortable to carry all-day

The CZ P10F is a quality pistol that’s easy to carry. It’s also comfortable to hold and easy to clean. With a street price of under $600, it’s also very affordable.

The P10F is built for function, so you can carry optics and get the most out of your handgun. For example, a good reflex sight will produce good groups at 25 yards. That’s much better than the standard iron sights on most pistols. You also get a nice trigger, which is one of the best you’ll find on a full-size pistol.

Overall, it’s a great pistol, especially for the money. However, some shooters may not appreciate the grip, which has a texture that can be harsh. Furthermore, some people may prefer a flared mag-well. Still, the gun has an impressive trigger, a nice flat take-up, and a short reset. If you’re looking for a quality striker-fired pistol with a high-performance trigger, the P10 F is a solid choice. Although the grip on this gun is not as ergonomic as many other CZ pistols, it’s very comfortable to hold.


The CZ P10-F pistol is a full-size service handgun that features a 4.5-inch barrel. It is a great choice for personal defense. One of the main advantages of the P-10 series is the low bore axis and engineered ergonomics. This makes the gun much easier to maintain and operate.

In addition, the trigger is smooth and easy to control. Although it’s not the sexiest looking of the series, it’s well-made and a nice choice for those who prefer a striker-fired pistol. For those who want to carry optics, the P-10 F Optics-Ready model offers a tactical shelf. It’s also equipped with a rear-serrated combat sight.

Another plus is the grip. It’s wide and long enough to accommodate large hands, and it absorbs recoil. There’s a swell of palm at the back of the grip that helps to fill your hand for comfort. Another feature of the P-10-F is the internal slide rail design. It’s designed to reduce slide resistance while still maintaining accuracy.


The CZ P10-F is a full-size, striker-fired pistol. Its ergonomics and performance are impressive. This pistol is a good choice for a variety of uses. Some of its best features are a durable finish, a comfortable grip, and great accuracy from a bench rest.

The ergonomic grip is a great feature for both right- and left-handed shooters. It provides comfort and stability in all conditions. In addition, it features a magazine release and three interchangeable backstraps. These enable you to properly customize your palms and create a comfortable grip.

The trigger is smooth and clean. You can get a quick, positive reset, which is ideal for a striker-fired pistol. Also, the trigger is easy to control with a firm grip. The trigger guard is long and has a flat bottom. In addition, it is designed to keep the pistol from drifting during shooting. If you’re looking for a striker-fired pistol that’s affordable and easy to carry, the CZ P10-F is a good choice.

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