Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time and Effort in 2023


The task of cleaning your home might be laborious, but there are steps you can do to make the process go more swiftly and with less difficulty. Utilizing the appropriate hacks will save you time and effort while at the same time providing the impression that your home is spotless. Reichert recommends getting started with activities that are straightforward and simple to comprehend, such as changing the bed or sweeping the area. You will feel more motivated to get other things done as a result of this.

Move your toilet around

Cleaning the toilet is never fun, but when you have kids or someone with a weak immune system living with you, it can feel even worse. Cleaning often keeps germs and bugs from building up, which is important for a healthy home.

Start by spraying the outside of the bowl with an all-purpose cleaner or cleaning spray. This will make the toilet look clean and fresh. Then, use rags or paper towels to clean the porcelain, paying special attention to the handle. After you’re done scrubbing, flush the toilet to get rid of any dirty water and leftovers.

Put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the toilet bowl to make it even cleaner. The Cleveland Clinic says that this natural cleaner is good at killing germs and keeping things from getting dirty.

Move your bathroom around

As you might expect, having a house clean takes work every day. There are easy tricks you can use to get the job done faster and better. These cleaning tips from pros like Nicola Lewis, Mrs Hinch, and Green Cleaning Coach will save you a lot of time on your next big cleaning day.

For example, Leslie Reichert of Green Cleaning Coach says that you can clean fan blades quickly and well by putting an old pillowcase over them. With this tip, you won’t have to drag a dusting brush over each blade and you won’t knock dust onto your furniture or floors.

Regularly wiping down the bathroom shelves and sinks can also get rid of stains from hand soap, toothpaste, and even food. To keep your toilets clean and smelling good, you can also use cleaners made with citric extract instead of dangerous bleach. These natural cleaners don’t leave behind any harmful chemicals, and they also help stop allergies, breathing problems, and other problems caused by chemical-based cleaning.

Give your wood furniture a shine

Wood adds a beautiful touch of nature to any home, but furniture made of wood needs to be cleaned often. Polishing your wooden furniture on a regular basis does five things: it cleans the furniture, helps hide small scratches, makes the wood shine, protects the wood from wetness and stains, and can even help keep the wood from getting older.

To clean a piece of wood, first dust it to get rid of any small bits of dirt. Then, wet a soft towel with water, wring it out, and use it to lightly wipe down the furniture. Make sure not to soak the wood because too much water can cause it to bend or damage the surface.

You can also use things you make at home to clean wood. An easy mix of olive oil, white vinegar, and lemon oil is a great way to keep wood from getting damaged. Just mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and use a lint-free cloth to wipe along the wood’s grain. You can even keep a bottle of this cleaner in your closet for quick touch-ups on any surface in the house.

Move Your Floor Tiles

If you sweep your tiles often, you can keep dirt and grime from building up on them. This trick for cleaning is better and less rough than brushing, and it will help your tiles last longer and stay clean.

Instead of getting new things for your cleaning, use things you already have. Melissa Maker of Clean My Space, for example, uses old socks to dust. Just spray some water on a sock and hold each blind slat with it. Slide your hand with a sock on it from one end of the slat to the other to pull dirt and other things out.

Leslie Reichert of Green Cleaning Coach says that you can quickly and easily dust your ceiling fan by putting it in a pillowcase. Just put a cloth over each knife and wipe it down. So, the dust stays in the pillowcase instead of getting on your furniture and floors. You can also use accessories to clean blinds, vents, and cabinets that are dirty with dust.

As we discover innovative cleaning hacks to streamline our routines, it’s essential to consider “How to Clean Natural Stone Flooring.” This informative article offers valuable tips and techniques for maintaining the beauty and longevity of natural stone floors. With busy schedules, efficient cleaning methods are crucial, and the insights from this guide ensure a hassle-free cleaning experience. From choosing the right cleaning agents to employing gentle yet effective techniques, cleaning natural stone floors becomes a breeze. By incorporating these hacks into our cleaning arsenal, we can save time and effort while ensuring our home’s floors remain pristine and stunning throughout 2023 and beyond.

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